With our start installing and maintaining Alert & Notification Siren Systems for nuclear power plant emergency preparedness organizations; we are uniquely qualified to provide unbiased vendor independent support for mass notification systems.  ANS Services’ works with the siren industries leading manufacturers to provide a full range of support services including turn-key installation, preventive, corrective, and emergency maintenance.

ANS Services has installed outdoor and indoor warning siren systems at numerous nuclear plants, on millitary installations, several educational campuses, governmental and municipal agencies across the United States and overseas.  Our Siren Service Department also provides contracted support for siren systems around the country and full system management, including 24/7 support, for Nuclear Alert & Notification Siren Systems.


To ensure customer satisfaction and the highest reliability of their “life safety systems” by maintaining and servicing the devices and systems designed, manufactured and/or installed by all warning siren manufacturers, thereby enabling our clients’ peace of mind and ensuring the maximum return on investment of our client’s siren systems.

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